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For more than three decades, Wanda Kenton Smith has served in senior editorial capacities for multiple media organizations. She sat at the helm of two national consumer boating magazines and four b2b trade publications and currently writes national columns for the two leading b2b trade publications in the North American marine industry.  


As a freelance writer and editor, she has published hundreds of by-lined articles and columns in multiple print and online media throughout the world, from the U.S. and Canada, to Australia and England.


She has interviewed multiple well known business leaders and marketing icons including Zig Ziglar, Seth Godin, Suze Orman, Joe Calloway, Pines & Gilmore, among others. As time allows, she enjoys blogging and is actively engaged in multiple social media platforms.

The Woman Angler & Adventurer

Paving the Way for Women in Boating, Promoting Safety, and Successfully Combining a Passion for Boating and Motorcycling


Palm Beach Post

Guest OP-ED: Boating Safety

Boating Industry Magazine / Profiles in Leadership

Profiles in Leadership: Steve Potts

Profiles in Leadership: Andrew Doole

Profiles in Leadership: Joe Galati

Profiles in Leadership: 17 Trailblazers

Profiles in Leadership: Guy Harvey

Profiles in Leadership: Susan Bonivich

Profiles in Leadership: Peter Granata

Profiles in Leadership: Paul Kuck

Profiles in Leadership: Glenn Hughes

Proflies in Leadership: Anne Dunbar

Profiles in Leadership: Alisdair Martin

Profiles in Leadership: Dave Marlow

Profiles in Leadership: Ann Baldree


Profiles in Leadership: Randall M. Lyons


Profiles in Leadership: Kim Sweers


Profiles in Leadership: Valerie Ziebron


Profiles in Leadership: David Parker


Profiles in Leadership: Natalie Briggs Carlson


Profiles in Leadership: Jim Emmons


Profiles in Leadership: Victor Gonzalez


Profiles in Leadership: Kristen Frohnhoefer


Boating Industry Magazine / Marketing Columns

Shifting marketing strategies for the year ahead

40 Years Making Memories, Mentors & Waves

'Crafting a Marketing Plan'

'Boaterz 'n Bikerz' Combine For Nationwide Tour

Leading the Way

Busting Out of the Box


Trade Talk Blog



"Will our prospects buy … or bail?"

"Linking boat sales to marketing boater education"

"Boating brand image"

"Boaters and Bikers Out There?"

"Introductions to boating could lead to sales"

Coastal Lifestyles Magazine


The Great Boating Boom


Salt Life


How to get Hooked: A Basic Primer


2020: Lessons Learned from the Business of Boating


Finding Solace


Boating Life Rebounds Following Coronavirus


Creating a 'Better Boating Experience'


Emerald Coast Style


Securing Media Coverage – PR University

Top 10 Tips for Getting Local Media Coverage

Kenton Smith on Diversity Panel


Expanding The Boating Universe

Southern Boating

Join the Club

Great Lakes Boating

"Interview with Financial Guru Suze Orman"

"Women Take the Helm"


Pro Boat Radio


Click Here to Check Out Wanda's Podcast Interview!

Boating And Riding Enthusiasts Take Cross-Country Trek

Freedom Boat Club Learning Center Blog


31 Questions Most Frequently Asked about Boat Clubs and Memberships


How Much Does a Freedom Boat Club Membership Cost?


The Million Dollar Question: Will I Have Access to a Boat When I Want One?


Women at the Helm:​ Tips From our Female Captains


SAFETY FLASH: What to do when Lightning Strikes and You’re Out Boating?


Don’t Be Left High & Dry: Understanding Tides & Currents


Boating Tip: Mastering The Pivot Turn


What Boat Brands are in the Freedom Boat Club Fleet?


How Many People Can I Take Boating at Once on a Freedom Boat Club Vessel?


How Long is a Freedom Boat Club Membership Contract?


What is a Freedom Boat Club Diva?


What is the Age Requirement to Join and to Operate a Freedom Boat Club Vessel?


Boating Safety: A Major Part of the Freedom Boat Club Agenda


“Crossing Over” Safely … Five Important Tips for Crossing Wakes


Is Freedom Boat Club Only For Experienced Boaters … and Boat Owners?

Marine Marketers - THE VOICE




Spring Issue, April 2020





Winter Issue, December 2019


Fall Issue, September 2019


Summer Issue, June 2019


Spring Issue, March 2019





Fall / Winter 2018 11th Annual Neptune Awards


Fort Lauderdale Boat Show Member’s Meeting


Summer Edition


Spring / Summer Edition





10th Annual Neptune Awards





Fort Lauderdale Boat Show Member’s Meeting


May 2016

April 2016

March 2016


Miami Boat Show and Member’s Meeting

Soundings Trade Only

Winning Strategies

The Golden Rule: Share and Share Alike

10 Marketing Trends for 2024

AI Transforming Marketing Strategies

How to Support Women in the Workplace

Winning Ways

Hear the Rumble in the Distance?

5 Marketing Takeaways From Dealer Week

Time to Pivot

A Major Marketing Game Changer

15 Ways to Wreck a Marketing Career

Marine Marketing Snapshot


To TikTok or Not?


Of Pivots, Rumbas and Quicksteps


Keeping Customers Engaged


Year End Strategies to Rev Up Your Marketing Machine

To Show or not To Show - The Million-Dollar Question

7 Tips for Selling the Invisible


An Impassioned Mayday for Boating Education


Marketing Strategies for 2021


Boat Buyers are Frustrated


The Downside of Surging Sales

Covid-19 Best Practices Emerge


In the Crosshairs of Covid


Top Covid-19 Takeaways from Marine Marketers


What I’ve Learned (so far) from Covid-19


Marine Marketing in a Coronavirus World


Broaden your Reach using Influencers


Strategies for Selling to the Affluent


Elevate Summit came through with strong content


New Elevate Summit Opens Friday In Orlando


Takeaways from Grow Boatings Marketing Summit


Man, Machines and Marine Marketing


Best Marine Marketing & Top Trends of the Year


40 Years of Marketing Milestones


C-Suite Strategies to Empower Your Team


Creating Better Synergy: Marketers and the C-Suite


Six Trends for Marine Marketers in 2019


Video Revolution & the Invisible Sale


Why CX should be your marketing RX


Test Your Email Marketing Smarts

5 PR Strategies You Need Now


Sharpen Your Social Media Strategies

Seven Ideas for Smarter Marketing

An IBEX summit not to be missed

Fresh ideas to grow your business:
Sail conference was rich in creative marketing thought


A promising route to Google supremacy

An enlightening, transformative IMBC

Are we finally taking off the blinders?

Is your marketing IQ stuck in analog?

"Mrs. Smith goes to Washington — reluctantly —
and a skeptic is transformed into an ABC cheerleader


"A sprinkling of marketing magic in the pixie dust"

"Online focus groups bring new flexibility to tried-and-true
market research tool


"Preparing your marketing plan for 2016"

"Solicit, develop and promote powerful customer testimonials"


"A heartfelt ‘I’m sorry’ can soothe an angry customer"

"A fine plant tour turns PR disaster"

"15 crippling mistakes: Are you making them?"

"Searching for solutions? Try a ‘mystery shopper'"

"Case studies that validate the power of online video"

"P2P boat sharing model: Is it a wave of the future?"

"Start of a makeover for a biased industry"

"The care and feeding of your online image"

"Idea-sharing at MDCE yields marketing gems"

"MDCE panel on diversity will share success stories"

"Your customer service: measure it, nurture it"

"Strict rules can prevent a social media disaster"

"Sponsored Events Get Boaters Out Spending"

"Diversity Marketing Must Become The Norm"

"Bike-And-Boat Tour Prepares For May Trip"

"Bike-And-Boat Tour Sets Schedule For May"

"Cross-Country Biking And Boating Trip Set For May"

"Yes, The Tide Is Turning And We Can Speed It Up"

"Generating New Ideas Through A Team Retreat"

"A Day In A Canoe Reinforces Value Of Lifestyle Marketing"

"Boating's Diverse Future Begins To Take Shape"

"QR adds a dimension to marketing portfolio"

"Social media rewriting the rules of marketing"

"Have plans for June 18? Get out and sail(stice)"

"Using social media tools? If not, you're losing sales"

"The consumer has changed and you'd better change, too"

"The future of boat shows: Let the dialogue continue"

"We all have to get behind 2011 Grow Boating rebirth"

"Money maven Suze Orman on boat business challenges"

"A multimedia ad strategy demands smart execution"

"Each needing spin control, Tiger blew it, Dave aced it"

"Now is the time to develop a self-marketing strategy"

"King of Pop had no peers in the artistry of branding"

"The genius of Kaye Pearson and the future of boat shows"

"Blogs? Facebook? Twitter? Give your Web site an edge"

"'A great time to be in marketing' if you seek out the opportunities"

Strategies for riding out the slump: new products, customer focus

Keeping your message real in an era of intentional fakery

Selling the experience: How a taste of Hawg won me over

Is Grow Boating's dog spot barking up the wrong tree?

You can't grow without a passion for learning

A chance for marketers to finally speak with one voice

Good news and bad news in Grow Boating numbers

Eight Effective 2015 Additions to Your Marketing Strategy

Hull of a Tour (Visit Each Tour Page to See Editorial)

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