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Self Branding: How To Build a Powerful Personal Brand

Updated: Jul 3

Wanda Kenton Smith

Marine industry colleague Rick Ryals recently called and greeted me like this: “How’s my favorite marine marketer doing? Ya still have purple streaks in your hair?”

I chuckled, as I was working on a column about personal branding. Beyond being a marine marketer for more than 40 years, I am a certifiable purple freak. I love my purple streaks, along with my purple Harley-Davidson and two purple autos. My pup has a purple tail. I was purple before Prince. I walk the talk on the topic of personal branding, and I know it’s helped my career.

Forward-thinking professionals should invest in personal branding as a key strategy. This is the intentional process of identifying, packaging and then leveraging your unique strengths, values, experiences, goals and passions to create a memorable, public-facing persona. If you’re seeking to differentiate yourself, then personal branding... [read more]


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